Learning About Your County

You decide to learn more about your county, its history and its present day status. Search the internet for answers to your questions.

1. What is the name of your county?

2. What year was your county founded? 1, 3

3. How old does that make your county?

4. What are the names of your county commissioners or the people on the board of supervisors? 1

5. What do they do? 1, 3

6. What is the area of your county? 1, 3

7. What is the most recent population count? 1, 3
     What is the population density of the county? (people per square mile)

8. Some parks are run by cities and others by counties. Is there a county park near your home? What is its name? 1, 3

9. Where is the county seat for your county? 2

10. What is the biggest city in your county by area? By population? 2

11. What are the names of all the counties that border yours? Draw a map of these counties. 2

12. Write the URL of your official county webpage. 2

13. List 3 departments or offices for your county.

1Search Engines:

2County Data:
County seats:
U.S. Census QuickFacts:

3Find your County's Official Website: