Building a Paper Airplane

You decide to make a paper airplane. Answer these questions to help you plan. Search the internet to answers to some of your questions.

1. Look at the many different kinds of paper airplanes pictured on the internet. Which one will you make? Write the web address where you find the directions.

2. What type of paper will you use? (thin, thick, glossy?)

3. What shape is the paper? (square, "short" rectangle, "long" rectangle?)

4. What other materials are needed? (scissors, paperclips?)

5. Do you already own these materials, or will you purchase them?
    Where will you purchase them and how much will they cost?

6. Follow the directions and fold the paper to create the airplane.
    Does your airplane look like the one in the picture?

7. Try your airplane. Describe its flight.

8. Try it a few more times, throwing the airplane up at different angles. Do the results change?

9. Does your airplane seem light or heavy for its size?

10. Is your airplane longer than it is wide? Or wider than it is long?

11. What is the wingspan of the airplane? If you don't know what "wingspan" is, look it up online.

12. What is the length of your airplane?

13. How tall is your airplane?

14. Does the area of the wings seem to be enough?

1Search Engines: