Learning About a Nearby Country

You decide to learn more about a nearby country, its history and its present day status. Search the internet for answers to your questions.

1. What country did you choose?

2. Was the country previously under the control of another country? What country was that?
     Is there an official year that the country was founded? 1, 3

3. How old does that make the country?

4. Who is the political leader of the country? What is his or her position called? 1

5. Name at least 2 of the founders of the country? 1

6. What is the land area of the country? 1, 3

7. What is the most recent population estimate? 1, 3
    What is the population density of the country? (people per square mile or square kilometer)

8. Is the country divided into states or provinces or other divisions?  1, 3

9. What are the three largest cities by population? 1

10. What is the projected population for the country in 2010? In 2030? 3

11. What is the national bird or flower or tree? What are they? 1, 4

12. What is the point of highest elevation in the country and how high is it?
      What is the point of lowest elevation and how low is it? 1, 4

13. Does the country have a Constitution?
      If so, when was the country's Constitution ratified?

14. What is the capitol of the country?

15. What is the tallest building in the country? How tall is it?

16. Does the country have any territories not contiguous with the country?

17. What is the longest river in the country? How long is it?

18. Did the country purchase any of its land from another country? Was any won by war?

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U.S. Census QuickFacts:
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World Atlas: