Camping Trip

You decide to take a camping trip with your family. Answer these questions to help you plan your trip. Search the internet for answers to your questions.

1. Which campground will you visit?

2. How many people will go on the trip?

3. How will you get to the park? (car, van, public transportation, hike, bike?)

4. If your family drives, what is the charge per night for the camp site? 1

5. How far from your home is the campground? 2

6. How long will it take to get to the campground? 2

7. What are the hours that the campground gate is open? 1

8. What camping materials will you need?
    Are there any that you need to purchase? What are their prices? 1

9. What time do you plan to leave for the campground?

10. What food will you bring? How will you prepare it?

11. Will you use disposable dishes, or do you plan to wash and reuse?

12. How long will you stay?

13. What time will you leave the campground?

14. If you leave at that time, when can you expect to arrive at home? 2

15. Including transportation, campsite fees, food, and camping supplies, how much money should your family budget for this trip?

1Search Engines:

2Online Maps:
Yahoo! Maps Driving Directions:
Google Maps: