Building a Book

You decide to make a book. Answer these questions to help you plan. Search the internet to answers to some of your questions.

1. What kind of book will you make? (Remember you can't make a book about copyrighted material.)

2. What type of paper will you use? (thin, thick, glossy?)

3. What shape is the book? (square, "short" rectangle, "long" rectangle?)

4. Will it be hardcover or paperback?

5. Will you include color or will it be black and white?

6. How many pages will it be?

7. How many copies will you make?

8. How many different colors will you use for the cover?

9. What company will you use to print the book? 1

10. How much will it cost to print and bind your book?

11. What type of binding will you use for your book? (spiral, hardbound, other)

12. How and where would you sell your book?

13. How much did it cost you to produce each book?
     What will be the selling price of the book?

14. How much money will you make per book?

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Lulu Publishing: